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Fast and reliable
web hosting especially for programming languages

Our web hosting is faster by 20% than any other you can choose at the moment. The speed is essential for all of you and for better SERP results! You will have to try and browse one site we host and you will see the difference.

As a matter of fact, how you like this site where you are right now? It is currently optimized to operate at a 50% slower speed than the maximum. This is need for users who don’t have fast internet connection.

All our storage uses SSD discs of the highest capacity, specifically developed for server-applications. This isn’t something you can find in your local store. We had to order them specifically from Japan and they came with technicians who managed to install and configure them.

This is just one p[art of the secrets we have to offer and just one of many reasons why our web hosting is so remarkable and so fast that you will love it.

We know that a web site owner needs support when he needs it the most. It may be a holiday, an evening, night or anything else and it can be impossible for some of you to work without high-end customer support. Our agents are always available and they are here to help you within seconds. All you have to do is to contact them and you are done. You will be guided through the entire process and you will solve the issue within minutes.

How we were founded?

We were a group of friends interesting in programming languages and developing sites. But, all the services we needed were extremely expensive and we were unable to afford them. Then the idea came on our minds. We decided to develop an affordable web hosting services that are made for programming languages specifically and to help others who have been having the same issue as we. The site you are looking at the moment was born.


At first we did have a lot of problems. Finding the personnel, support agents and technologies that were simply unavailable back in a day. But, slowly we managed to provide web hosting services that are at the highest level possible and that have so many to offer to all of you.