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How we operate

Planning with a client is the first thing and here we will discuss all the specifics.
Developing the hosing just for you is the second step. Here we will make sure all the requirements are met.
Loading the site on the new web hosting panel is ready and will be processed together with a client.

Our location

98 Turkey Pen Road

New York 10013, United States

+1- 917-257-9095
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1How many sites can I host?
As many as you like and there won’t be any limit ever.
2Which storage systems do you use?
We use only SSD due to increased speed and reliability.
3What’s the uptime of the server we are discussing?
The uptime is 100% and we will make sure it remains like that.
4How many packages do you offer?
We have 3 of them at the moment and you can choose the one that matches your requirements the most.
5How I can contact customer support?
Call us or send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.
6What about bandwidth?
It is unlimited for all packages.

Contacts us when you have anything to ask us